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Seat Availability

The Weyerhaeuser Reading Room

This is the space in the Gale Family Library where researchers can access all parts of the collection, except microfilm.  This includes state and local government records, manuscript collections, photographs, books, maps, and more.  This is also the space where researchers can access digital searches or subscription databases (like and

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Station Types:

  • Reading Room Tables
    A research table and the use of shared computer stations.  Physical collection materials can be viewed at these stations.  (Please note that not all materials are available same-day.)  
  • Computer-Only Stations
    Designed to be used independently for accessing subscription databases (like, fire insurance maps, and newspaper searches) or doing web-based historical research.  Researchers can print to library's printer for a per page fee.  Thumb drives and outside media cannot be used on these machines. 

Physical collections materials--books, maps, archival/manuscript boxes, photographs, etc.--cannot be viewed at Computer-Only Stations.  If you would like to request physical materials, you must be located at a Reading Room Table. 

All stations have wifi access through the "MHS Public" for personal devices, and no wifi password is required while in the Library.  

About appointments:

How to use the Schedule Grid:

  • Scroll down to see the schedule grid.  It defaults to the current day. 
  • For the next day with available appointments, click the Next Available button
  • For available appointments on a particular Friday or Saturday, click the Go To Date button and select a day on the calendar.  
  • For a description of a particular station, click on the blue "Info" button next to its name. 
  • To make an appointment, select an available (green) appointment time so that it turns yellow, then scroll beneath the calendar grid and click Submit Times.  Then enter all required information and click Submit My Booking. 
  • To correct a booking error message (usually too many, too frequent, or concurrent appointments), scroll down to the list of appointments below the schedule grid until you see the list of appointment times selected. Then click the trashcan icon to remove one or more appointment.  
  • Important!  There are two pages of appointment stations.  To see more stations, use the number or arrow buttons below the grid.  
  • Appointments open automatically and on a rolling basis
  • The Library is open for inperson research Thursday through Saturday (10am to 4pm). 
  • Self service appointments close 24 hours before the start of the appointment.  If you are trying to make an appointment within 24 hours, please call us at 651-259-3300 for assistance.
  • If you have a true research emergency (e.g. an immediate court filing deadline) and cannot find an appointment time, call us at 651-259-3300.  We will do our best to help you. 
  • If you do not have an emergency, please check the scheduling site again or call for assistance; if a researcher cancels their appointment it will open back up for another researcher to claim.      


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